Saturday, November 14, 2009

"This was the best tea party I've ever attended!"

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Four moms and one librarian worked to make a memory in the library today. High tea was served on linen and china! Kids were treated to the real thing - High Tea. 150 of them who had met their reading goals for the first 9 weeks were escorted into the library which was transformed into a tea room. Little girls wore their hats and gloves and several of the boys wore their ties and vests along with their best manners! Proper tea-time manners and the art of conversation were demonstrated, and even the 4th grade boys practiced pouring and conversation at the tea table. It was only proper in this month-long celebration of geography and our world's nations that we celebrated their remarkable achievements as they would in another country!

As the 4th graders were leaving, one table of boys who had been exceptionally civilized, (a remarkable divergence from typical behavior which is more attuned to hunting frogs in the creek that passes by the school)stopped as they left to return to class, "This was the best tea party I've ever attended," said one. To say that this tickled me to my toes understates it's impact. It was what makes all the work to produce such an event worthwhile!