Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Between Books try this!

Before we begin our next book, let's get acquainted. I'd like each of you to share a book that you read in the last year that you really enjoyed.

Tell a little about why you liked it and what you think you would like to tackle next! I'll start, since I suggested we do this. I just read Becoming Naomi Leon by Pam Munoz Ryan.

Naomi and her brother Owen live with their Grandmother in a trailer. Life seems settled and if not great, at least it is predictable. But then Naomi and Owen's mother shows up suddenly and turns life upside down.

The book is written as though Naomi is speaking directly to the reader, and it almost feels like you are having a conversation with her as you read. There are moments of humor in this book, but mostly I liked it because it let me find a new friend in Naomi!

I want to get Eldest next. It is the sequel to Eragon by Paolini. It will be very different from Becoming Naomi Leon!

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calylily said...

I really enjoyed reading Ghost Soldier by Alpin. It is a book about a kid who goes to a civil war battlefield and finds a ghost soldier that wants to learn about what happened to his family.

This is an adventure not a scary book.