Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Hi! I think we have gotten you all on now -- If you are having trouble let me know.

Remember to keep those words you are not sure of or any questions in your journal or in a special notebook! We will compile a glossary of new words as we go. Let's all plan to have read at least the first four chapters by next Monday. I want to give you a chance to catch up and respond to the October 25th post, but I will also respond now to the first days set of questions! So.....here goes.

Several of you posted questions or comments that might need discussion.

1. Bryan asked - "I wonder if he wanted to take those kids in during the war?" Bryan I don't know, but I will be looking for an answer for us.

2. Sam asked, "How does the lion live through the execution?" Sam, we will save your question for later! Don't let us forget it.

3. Sara asked, "What is multimedia?" Sara I'm going to ask you to use your knowledge of prefixes. Multi -- means many, and media means ways information can be presented. For example a book is a kind of media, as is a film, or a computer program like powerpoint. So multimedia means a presentation that would have more than one kind of media in it. It might start out with a sound recording, then have pictures in a powerpoint file, and maybe handouts that are printed. That would be a truly MULTI media presentation! Does that help?

5.Young-Hun asked, "Is this a real biology or a historical fiction?" Young-Hun, did you mean biography? It is actually neither. Remember because this book contains things that cannot be explained by natural phenomenon-- boy that was a mouthful! So while it is not historical fiction we can certainly see how historical events might have helped Mr. Lewis in the writing of the story. What do you think?

6. Emma sain, "I think that C.S. Lewis did base Edmund,Lucy,Susan,and Peter on the kids who stayed with him." I'll see if I can find something to confirm that. I think you are right, Emma.

7. Nat said, "I think it is tense and scary." Nat, I'd like to explore this and see if others feel the tension you feel.

8. "I'm wondering what the first book is about. could anyone tell me?" Swing, are you thinking of the Magician's Nephew? That is the pre-qual to our book even though this book was the first one written by Lewis. O.K. fair question, has anyone else read the Magician's Nephew? If you have please respond to Swing's question.


logan said...

I have read it once.And I want to read it again.

AlexB said...

how did the lion survive the exucution

Bryan said...

Is it good please tell me

Nat said...


Bryan said...

Alex have you read it

Sam said...

how does the lion live the exucution

Gabby said...

How is England tea?

logan said...

I am only on chapter 2.And it is FANTASTIC.

Candace said...

Hi! I'm Candace.I've been out sick.