Thursday, December 15, 2005

Instead of a tea party.. Why not?

I have been thinking about ways to help this book become real and give you a greater understanding about what you have read. Don't you think it would be fun to live like people on the edge of the frontier lived in 1768? I was thinking we could make our own soap, cloth, butter, bread, pemican, candles, etc. We could have special guests teach us to do these things and share some of their real life adventures. What do you think?

I am anxious to see what you have written in your diaries. Compare what you have written to what is in the sites below.

Here is a site that tells people how to plan to survive in the wilderness.
Are the things you thought of on any of these lists? Did you think of things that the survival specialists didn't? You can even take a survival quiz at this site!

Here is another survival site with some interesting facts.

Here is a site that tells how meat was dried by indians

Sofie, the Indians would have been very careful about hanging meat out on a hot day. Often meat would spoil and make people sick because the heat would allow the bacteria to grow! When they hung meat out to dry, they would have made sure that it was very thinly sliced so it would dry out quickly!

Yes, Emma......READING DAY is fun. I wish I had a reading day in the library!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Making sense when you are writing on line.....

My computer's config.sys file got corrupted and that means that for the past two days I have not been online! SO I got everything back up and running and now....I find all your questions and comments posted to the Blog.

I must confess that much of what you posted doesn't make sense. You see writing must have a context. Since several people might post before you, you cannot assume that when you respond to a question or statement that everyone will know which post you are talking about, since there might be several sentences between the post you are responding to and your post. Does that make sense? In other words, you need to write a bit more for you posts to be clear.

Also, ask me next Monday about using the spell checker to make sure you have spelled everything is just easier to read.

Now for your questions.
1) Why is the book called sign of the beaver? When you respond to this you would say, The book is called sign of the beaver because....then give the reason or finish your statement.

You might want to let people know you are responding to something that one of the other members of the group did -- You could say something like, "Gabby, as a salutation and then explain why it is called Sign of the Beaver. Or you could simply start by saying, "The book is called sign of the beaver because......"

2) Our goal is for you to answer each others questions. This would mean that you would explain where you got the answer. Let me demonstrate by answering Gabby's question -- Why do they call it the Sign of the Beaver?

1st sign means more than a sign as we think of it. Remember when on page 30 when Matt gives Saknis the book, Robinson Crusoe? Saknis can't read -- he calls the letters on the page "signs." He asks Matt if he knows signs. Can anyone tell why Saknis is so interested in "signs?" (Remember he is talking about reading here)

Then Saknis brings back Attean -- Attean gives us the answer about how the book got its title.

On page 55 we learn exactly what the "Sign of the Beaver means" -- Attean explains to Matt that the rough carving on the tree is a beaver and tells everyone that this is the territory of his family -- This sign is like the "signs" (words) on the page of the book that Matt is reading to him!

In this story there are major clashes between Matts "pioneer white culture" and Attean's Native American Culture.

From your reading of the book can you give some examples of where the two cultures clash? It is always helpful if you give the page numbers so that we might go and read what made you have these thoughts! I am thinking about how Attean reacts to the book Robinson Crusoe as one example, but there are many others as well.

Tomorrow I will sort through the many other questions and see if we can make sense of them as well.

Please remember -- these are not personal conversations like on Instant Messanger -- these are scholarly discussion! Oh bright and wise young friends!!!