Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Limerick or Cinquain Your Choice!

Click here to learn how to write a limerick. Click here to learn how to write a cinquain.

Please post a Limerick or a Cinquain
Make them interesting not all the same.
Your poem will be fine.
You won't lose your mind,
And your parents will be overjoyed with your fame!

Worried about finding words that rhyme? Try RhymeZone to find rhyming words!
Here is a great site with lots of poetry stuff to do!Poetry4Kids.


Sara said...

There once oce was a girl in a book, who tried to eat a fishing hook. But she had to cry, 'cause if she ate it, a new pet fly she'd have to buy,'fore the old one would die!

Sara said...

There was a boy named Drum, whho tried a drink called Raisin Rum. He thought it was bad, 'cause it made him so mad, so instead, he wrote a Spanish ballad.