Monday, January 09, 2006

Poems from School.....

As you think about poetry this week......
1) See how many kinds of poetry you can come up with.
2) Write your Acrostic Poem based on the word and theme SCHOOL! Then post it here.

Here is my poem....
Spell School

"Series," I still remember the word.
Couldn't remember how to spell it.
Hoping it would come to me.
Only it didn't
Oh, if only I could have crawled under my chair or,
Left without anyone noticing me at the 4th grade spelling Bee!


Young-Hun said...

School teachers
Outrage for
Loseing a game

Emma B said...

Stressing to finish homework,ahhhh Can not take it any longer,ohhhhhh How does this work that way,errrrr On top of all of that,grrrrrrrrrrr On earth who can tell me,mmmmmmmmm Language problem answers,ehhhhhhhhh

Swing said...

School is both hard and easy.
Can you pass the test?
How much do you have to learn?
Our test will tell the awnser.
Our areas of learning are...
Like languge,spelling,math and art! H O W T O G E T B Y S C H O O L

alex said...

School is for learning
Can you learn how calories are for burning
Old is the sun
Only how old the Solar System runs
Look how this poem is done

logan said...


Candace said...

School helps us think and learn!
Cause teachers have to teach so we'll learn.
How does school help us have fun?
Oh how fun school can learning!
Oh how nice the teachers can be!
Last everyone here loves and cares for each one.