Sunday, July 10, 2011

Timberlake Christian Church Youth worked like dawgs!

Timber LakeWhat makes working with teens so is fun? It has been a while since I was a high school librarian, but it all came rushing back. It's their growing love of irony in humor, playfulness, extreme sense of fairness, constant probing for new ways to do things, and incredible optimism.

Saturday morning the Youth of Timberlake Christian Church from Lynchburg, VA arrived at the garden with their adult advisers and set to work. An added blessing was that one of the adults was an aborist so I got a two-fer! I was able to ask questions and he knew far more than I did about the garden which was wonderful!

The kids weeded, pulled out the old broccoli bed, laid down mulch, trimmed bushes, moved dirt, and all the while they provided me with a refresher course in teen humor and thinking in addition to a big dose of hope for the future.

The pastor, was obviously the kind of guy to stay focused and kept the kids on task as the temperatures soared. All three adults had a great rapport with the kids, and it was wonderful to see the before and after.....Thanks, Timberlake!

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